Do-it-yourself or phone a friend?

I have been listening to some amazing financial podcasts on my long walks, like Bigger Money Podcast (like this episode) and I just finished reading Tony Robbins book Unshakable. A little extra educating made me consider hiring a fiduciary financial advisor for a one-time review of where I stand today and what I should focus on improving to reach my financial goals. Years ago, I picked 52 out of the hat as the age I wanted to stop working (at least at my job in DC) . That means 10.5 years from now, and a 10 year gut check sounds like a great idea. First I contacted Kyle Mast from the episode linked above, but he has a long waiting period and really isn’t accepting new clients. But as he suggested on the podcast, I tried researching other advisors on the XY Planning Network. I contacted five advisors from the site and got responses from only three agreeing to meet with me virtually to discuss my goals. One day this week I set aside time for the three phone interviews. The first advisor did not listen to me at all. He thought it was antiquated that I use Excel and enjoy tracking my finances and net worth a few times a week. He could not stop telling me how great HELOCs are (like this came up at least three times). He was the only advisor who asked me to fill […]

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