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Hello, and thank you for stumbling upon Stilettos or Savings!  There’s a saying often quoted about life being short, so buy the shoes… but what if you didn’t?  What would that allow you to do instead?  This blog is about learning to live a life that doesn’t revolve around material things – although I too have a weakness for five-inch heels and it’s no easy task to ignore (nearly) every pretty pump that comes my way. My name is DC Beth and I am a former figure skater, sorority girl, Army soldier and stiletto aficionado.  I live in D.C. with my boyfriend Mr. Cabbage. Together we are a dual income no kids (DINK) couple working toward complete financial freedom so we can live the rest of lives anyway we choose. I was raised in Florida by a single mother who worked as an accountant.  I grew up in an apartment where on occasion Russian roulette was played with the utility bills and I knew what it was like for either the electricity, phone or water being shut off on occasion.  I watched as my mom played the shell game with her credit card balances, transferring balances from card-to-card hoping the creditors, interest rates and penalties wouldn’t catch up with her.  She tried to raise me to know better. When I went to college, I thought I was so much more mature than my peers, especially with money.  I had learned […]

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