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Do-it-yourself or phone a friend?

I have been listening to some amazing financial podcasts on my long walks, like Bigger Money Podcast (like this episode) and I just finished reading Tony Robbins book Unshakable. A little extra educating made me consider hiring a fiduciary financial advisor for a one-time review of where I stand today and what I should focus on improving to reach my financial goals. Years ago, I picked 52 out of the hat as the age I wanted to stop working (at least at my job in DC) . That means 10.5 years from now, and a 10 year gut check sounds like a great idea. First I contacted Kyle Mast from the episode linked above, but he has a long waiting period and really isn’t accepting new clients. But as he suggested on the podcast, I tried researching other advisors on the XY Planning Network. I contacted five advisors from the site and got responses from only three agreeing to meet with me virtually to discuss my goals. One day this week I set aside time for the three phone interviews. The first advisor did not listen to me at all. He thought it was antiquated that I use Excel and enjoy tracking my finances and net worth a few times a week. He could not stop telling me how great HELOCs are (like this came up at least three times). He was the only advisor who asked me to fill […]

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Grow Where You’re Planted

I stopped driving to work the week of St. Patrick’s Day (big money saver for gas and tolls) and I have only returned for a handful of hours so far. Now I realize I am among the luckiest to not have been laid off or furloughed during this time. With the (very approximate count of) 105 hours I’ve had at home – that’s an hour and a half per weekday commute over the last 14 weeks, not to mention a little additional flexibility to work a bit of a flexible schedule here’s what I’ve learned and done. Closed my Apple Watch (stand, move, exercise) every day for the last 50 days. Eight pounds down… woohoo! Built a raised herb garden with tomatoes, cilantro, basil, chives, parsley, dill, catnip, thyme, mint, rosemary and sage. So far we’ve only used a little of the chives, mint and cilantro (mmm guacamole). So if you have ideas for me on how to use my little herb babies, please comment below! I have been binging Epic Gardening for advice – I even bought the book. Sadly this has not yet saved my basil plants from the caterpillar egg infestation happening, but I am working on propagating and restarting more plants soon. Started building a little catio (you know, a patio for the cat), perhaps overestimated my love of projects and much to ZimMaster Flash’s dismay it is not complete – as adding the roofing has […]

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One Year Later

One year ago Mr. Cabbage, ZimMaster Flash, and I were living in an motel with a litter box, a smelly hockey bag and all our belongings that weren’t in storage. Somehow we lived like this for 44 days through most of the summer. Homeless and hopeless no more In the course of a week: I was in a car accident […]

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