Camp Victory, Iraq – Summer 2003

Eighteen years ago, I spent about seven months at Camp Victory in Baghdad, Iraq (most living in a rat-infested tent).  I flew from Kuwait where I had spent five months (and convoyed back to Kuwait when it was finally my time to go).  I had a fairly cushy Army experience, but it was still a big culture-shock to me.

When I arrived at Camp Victory in June, there was a shortage of water and M.R.E.s (meals ready to eat — the food) which were being rationed but heat was in excess.  I was sleeping during the day and working nights, which literally meant chugging most of my water ration and then passing out on my cot in my own sweat.

I showered in an inflatable shower tent, which deflated around sundown (my shower time while working nights).  In the shower tent, two men could shower on one side and two women on the other side.  When it deflated, you had to bend your knees and shrink with it, in order to remain modestly covered.  When it collapsed completely, you had to race to cover up before exiting as there was always a game of ping-pong hoping for a real show.

The hardest part of that first year deployed, was not knowing how long it would be for, and the rats chewing on my bra hooks and hair brush.  If you are interested in hearing about the REAL Army deployments during this time period and not the cushy life I had, check out Carrying the Gun.

I pretended the two sheep were pets and named them: Mr. Woolsworth and Lambchop.  I’m pretty sure they were killed and eaten at some point or at least that’s the rumor I heard.

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DC Beth is a former figure skater, sorority girl, heel wearing, vodka drinking, world traveling, Army veteran. Follow & let’s achieve financial independence together one high heeled step at a time.

4 thoughts on “Camp Victory, Iraq – Summer 2003”

  1. Thank you for your service. Although I didn’t get to experience life in Iraq, like you. I promise it wasn’t a cake walk in Tabuk, Al Udied, Maseria, Ali Salem Kuwait, Karshi Karnibod (K2), Manus, or Baghram. That all sucked equally.

    No matter where you or I were, we were over there and most fortunately. We are home now.


  2. I love the photo’s Beth, and I’m sure you didn’t have it ‘cushy’! My ex boyfriend served in Iraq and Afghanistan, so I know it’s not easy, whatever role you have. Really interested to hear more about your deployments! And see more of your photographs of course! Well done you!
    Jane x


    1. It certainly wasn’t “cushy” to me at the time, but I look back at it as quite the adventure. In comparison to what others do though it was quite tame. Thanks so much as always Jane!!


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