Battle to Midway 2020

It’s been a tumultuous six months for all of us. I don’t think any of us could have predicted it, except maybe Scott Burns (writer of Contagion). He got it pretty spot on. His version left out the murder hornets though because it seemed a bit far fetched. Keep an eye on him, he might be a time traveler.

Does prepare for the unexpected really mean be ready for coronavirus??

Our mortgage lender was AMAZING when she reached out to Mr. Cabbage and me with the opportunity to refinance our mortgage on March 6th.

Our July 2019 mortgage at 30 years at 4% fixed still had the ink wet on our signatures, but now, our brand spanking newly refinanced mortgage is for 20 years at 3.15% fixed. If you can believe it, by doing that, we cut 10 years off our loan and our minimum payment stayed EXACTLY the same. How crazy is that?

Since coronavirus Mr. Cabbage and I have paused our aggressive extra mortgage payments in order to give ourselves a little extra wiggle room in case that bastard Murphy pulls anymore of his unexpected bullshit.

Before refinancing we were able to pay off 14.25% of our loan principal in eight months. Boom… this house is 33% paid for including the down payment. We are aiming for eight years or less till it’s paid in full.

Tell me: How have you been? Is everyday blending into the next like it’s Groundhog Day on steroids?

I can’t wait to tell you that hindsight really is 2020 at the end of this year. Don’t worry friends, we’ll get there! 💕

Tell me what you think!

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