Grow Where You’re Planted

I stopped driving to work the week of St. Patrick’s Day (big money saver for gas and tolls) and I have only returned for a handful of hours so far. Now I realize I am among the luckiest to not have been laid off or furloughed during this time.

With the (very approximate count of) 105 hours I’ve had at home – that’s an hour and a half per weekday commute over the last 14 weeks, not to mention a little additional flexibility to work a bit of a flexible schedule here’s what I’ve learned and done.

  • Closed my Apple Watch (stand, move, exercise) every day for the last 50 days. Eight pounds down… woohoo!
  • Built a raised herb garden with tomatoes, cilantro, basil, chives, parsley, dill, catnip, thyme, mint, rosemary and sage. So far we’ve only used a little of the chives, mint and cilantro (mmm guacamole). So if you have ideas for me on how to use my little herb babies, please comment below! I have been binging Epic Gardening for advice – I even bought the book. Sadly this has not yet saved my basil plants from the caterpillar egg infestation happening, but I am working on propagating and restarting more plants soon.
  • Started building a little catio (you know, a patio for the cat), perhaps overestimated my love of projects and much to ZimMaster Flash’s dismay it is not complete – as adding the roofing has become a bit more complex than we intended, but stay tuned!
  • Really organized my finances – cleaning up my budget, listening to money podcasts (look for a list of favorites soon), made a list of money books to read, contacted a financial advisor using the XY Planning Network, which is a fee based network of fiduciary advisors who don’t earn commission and are actually looking out for you! This isn’t a paid advertisement, just a recommendation.
  • Joined several great apps that are helping me save money, my favorite of which is Libby. Here, you can get library books for free on your Kindle app without leaving home OR paying money to buy the same Kindle book from Amazon. This is saving me about $20-40 per month and I feel way less guilty if I’m just not that into a book. Again, this isn’t an advertisement, just my money saving recommendation for the readers – which if you got this far is in my post — that means YOU!
  • Mr. Cabbage has had much success moonlighting as our pool boy, and you know girls love pool boys (drinks sold separately). Did I forget to mention our fancy pants house has a pool? It was never part of our plan, and honestly I was ready to keep it closed this year rather than spend the money on either a pool company or expensive chemicals and loads of frustration, but he did it! First year in our house with the help of our neighborhood Leslie’s store and loads of Swim University videos, he did it and it’s amazing… now if only it were heated. Again not an advertisement. I’ll be reviewing our plan soon for how we’re paying off this 2.4 acre property. So stay tuned for that!
  • Watched all of Breaking Bad. Why didn’t you guys tell me what I was missing? I didn’t think it would ever happen but I am sick of watching TV. It’s like if I haven’t seen it by now, it just wasn’t meant to be. What was your number one binge recommendation or accomplishment?

Tell me: How have you been taking advantage to grow with the extra time on your hands? What habits have you developed that you hope to continue into “normal” life and what have you left behind forever?

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