One Year Later

One year ago Mr. Cabbage, ZimMaster Flash, and I were living in an motel with a litter box, a smelly hockey bag and all our belongings that weren’t in storage. Somehow we lived like this for 44 days through most of the summer.

Homeless and hopeless no more

In the course of a week:

  • I was in a car accident that totaled my paid off car

  • The house we were purchasing completely and utterly failed the home inspection causing us to withdraw our purchase offer (hence the motel)

  • Our condo was sold leaving more cash in our pockets than ever, and yet still utterly homeless

  • My mom decided during this same week she just HAD to suddenly move out of her house and into a senior living facility in another state

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “it was a week” or how about this one “when it rains it pours,” nothing was more true at that moment for us.

However, as you may have guessed… since I am finally writing to you all, we survived! For many 2020 is A YEAR, but for us, it is a vast improvement from where we were at this time last year.

I cannot under any circumstances imagine hunkering down in a shitty motel during coronavirus, nor am I actually sure it would be allowed.

Mister Cabbage and my relationship is so much stronger and more resilient having survived that storm.

It is probably insensitive to say that it may have taken the forced slow down coronavirus has forced me to look around, take a deep breath and appreciate everything around me with gratitude.

Tell me: What has the coronavirus caused you to take stock of in your life? Are you finding good in this unpredictable and unprecedented time?

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