When it Rains it Pours

We put the condo on the market on a Wednesday. We had 22 showings and an open house in five days. On Monday we reviewed seven offers, six of which were above list price. We sold for 5.26% above list price, which is 20% above what I paid nine years ago.

While this was all going on, I was spending the weekend in Florida with my mom. We took those keys away from her (win) and introduced her to the idea of assisted living facilities (another win). She willingly accepted that she shouldn’t be driving and LOVED the facility.

When I got back from Florida, Mr. Cabbage and I continued our hunt for a place to live. Over the course of this hunt, we think we saw approximately 80 houses between the two of us. We tried three failed contracts that weren’t taken seriously because our offer would be contingent on the selling of our condo – which clearly took such a long time. Our one heartbreak during the process was a terribly unique house, in our price range that was beautiful – until we saw the 80 page inspection report done by the last people who backed out of their offer. We could not in good conscience put an offer in on the money pit.

Last weekend after visiting five houses and getting terribly down, we made it to our sixth and final house… a log cabin. We found our house. A beautiful log cabin on 6.5 acres of land about an hour commute each way from work and our very own oasis. The owner already had an offer on the property who was contingent on their own home sale, but he had a kick out clause and he used it. This property is 21% less than the condo sold for… or very close to what I paid for it nine years ago.

So this week we’ve been busy arranging inspections for both properties, transferring utilities, packing, signing endless documents, and so on… while my mom has signed a lease to move in to a facility she can afford to live in for about four years. She is very excited. We haven’t told her she is either GREATLY downsizing after that which she may not know the difference or she might need to pass by then. Oh well for shopping around and just testing the waters out with a tour.

And the cherry on top this week was Thursday morning on my way to a doctor’s appointment at 8am getting T-boned coming out of my neighborhood when turning left by someone FLYING through the light. I was shaking, but I’m ok and it was very wonderful that Mr. Cabbage was able to drive over and calm me down, which was so much more helpful than the random passerby who told me to keep calm since I was clearly expecting. Actually no fucktard, I’m just holding myself to stop shaking but thanks for helping the day’s spectacular hit get even better.

I haven’t even lived in a single family home since I was four. Everything about the country is going to be an adventure for us. Stay tuned!

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